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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New dog park in Dublin 15

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A couple of weeks ago I suddenly found a new enclosed area in Harstown Park

It is quite big and there is a big population of dog owners in the area so I believe it will have a lot of dogs in there soon!
Jago and Buddy are not really interested in playing with other dogs, but Jago will join if there is a group of crazy running dogs!
Otherwise they will keep asking me for the tennisball.

So it won't be great for socialization for my dogs, but it's great for owners socialization!

What is your opinion about dog parks?


Canicross event in Monaghan

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Have you ever run with your dog?
Have you ever tried CaniCross?

Last weekend I went with Jago to a Canicross event in Monaghan.

Canicross can be defined as "running with your dog attached to a belt".

But it is much more than that. At the event there was bikejoring (dog attached to the bike) and also scooter.

I was supposed to run as Jago and I went for a bit of training in the last few months, but unfortunately I am injured at the moment.. so we went only to check the event!

I have to admit that usually I prefer to run with Jago off lead... well he prefers that way.
There is a lot of polemic about off lead dogs and less places where it is possible to let your dog run free.. but I am not entering in that discussion now.

So we got used also to run together with a belt.. I don't have serious harness and belt but just a cheap one bought on ZooPlus.

When we arrived at the event Jago was seriously scared and stressed. He could hear dogs barking and howling in the vans (a lot of huskies, so a lot of talking there :D ). He felt the excitement I guess and didn't really understand what was going on.
But he has been a great dog.. on the lead for hours, just being around, watching other dogs+people running and being friendly with everyone.
Unfortunately he wanted to play with some dogs and he couldn't, because they were "working".

I posted some pictures of the weekend on the other blog but you will find more info about CaniCross on their website

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Canine Campers Ireland First Meeting!

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After not long time from the creation of the facebook group and the newborn blog, Canine Campers Ireland had their First Meetup!

We went to Kilbroney Forest in a beautiful and well organized caravan park!

You will see from the photos we were not many people... but you know, end of September, new group.. I'd say it has been a success anyway!

You can read a quick report here http://caninecampersireland.com/1st-canine-campers-ireland-meetup-kilbroney-forest-park/
and if you are interested in joining the group let us know!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dog Day Trips around Dublin

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Hi everyone,

maybe it is the same as dog walks, but actually I will be posting about day-trips around Dublin with dogs.

What I personally need is a place where I can park my car-van-carcamper (not sure how to call it), stay inside a write my thesis and let the dogs have fun!

I posted about Bettystown Beach few days ago.
The weather was terrible, but maybe that's why it has been a success for me: not many people!

I will put another post soon for another place where I have been last Sunday... and I guess I will write many others..

If you know of other spots Please Do let me know! Here or on caninecampersireland !


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Canine Campers Ireland

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It is a long time since my last update!

I now started a new page, canine campers ireland

Yes I finally started camping in Ireland with my dogs!

Jago and Buddy really love it, but I am a newbie to canine camping and, as we know, Ireland is not always dog friendly.

I decided once again to create a blog and try to share my experience plus hopefully the experience of other fellow canine campers!

Get in touch if you have any suggestion for us!