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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top Ten Grooming Tips for Dogs

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It has to be said that we all love our furry friends. Large or small, scruffy or glossy, there can be no better companion than man's best friend. Like us though, they need care, love, attention and of course grooming.
Grooming a dog is not just an act of hygiene, it's also a bonding experience for your four legged companion. This article takes a look at the top ten grooming tips (grouped by category) as recommended by dog experts around the web.

  • Bathing is an important exercise, and while some dogs absolutely detest being in the bath, a good wash will rid your dog of parasites, dust and grime and of course any unwanted smells!
  • Try to use a neutral dog shampoo, and remember - you get what you pay for!
  • Bathing should be made into a fun, rewarding experience. Remember to give him a treat if he behaves himself!
Dogs have no control over how long their claws grow (just like us and our nails). However, while you should definitely trim your dog's claws at least once a month, you should definitely be extremely careful.
  • A dog's paws are extremely sensitive (20 times more so than our own feet), so be careful to try not to touch his pads, or catch him between his toes.
  • Remember to start slowly and deliberately and allow your dog to relax. Eventually he'll get used to it and won't fret so much.
A dog's teeth are prone to much of the same problems as our own. However, Fido can't stand in the mirror in the bathroom with a toothbrush and go to town like we can.
  • Cleaning your dog's teeth is an ongoing process and should be done at least three times a week
  • Using a piece of material gauze around your finger and rub very gently along the tops of the teeth and be very careful not to scratch his gums.
  • Do this in combination with a teeth cleaning snack. These special, tasty snacks rub against your dog's teeth, ridding them of bacteria, tartar and plaque.
Your dog's coat is much like our own hair, protecting him from the elements as well as in some cases keeping him cool in the summer.
  • A dog's coat is actually a finely tuned instrument and if it isn't kept in good condition it won't function correctly, leading to cold, flu and fevers. It will also smell very badly.
  • Brushing out dead hair once a week is a good way of keeping your dog's coat in top shape as well as reminding your dog of when he was a puppy and being cleaned by his mother. It also spreads your smell on to him, ensuring that the bond between you stays strong.

So those are the top ten grooming tips for dogs. Remember that even if a dog doesn't like being groomed, it's still an important aspect of keeping a dog happy, healthy and satisfied. Take good care of your furry friend and he'll take good care of you!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Easy Ways to Help the RSPCA

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UK charities rely solely on the generosity of the British public to enable them to do their work. The RSPCA, for instance, receives no government funding but thanks to donations from the public they can rescue, heal and care for many, many animals.
People donate to the RSPCA in a number of different ways. Some give £2.00 a month or more by direct debit, which allows the RSPCA to plan future spending commitments. Other people donate generously at fundraising events or following a televised appeal for help. A number of people leave a gift of money or even a percentage of their estate to UK charities like the RSPCA in their Will.
Perhaps one of the most challenging ways to help the RSPCA is by hosting a fundraising event. There is plenty of information on the RSPCA Choices’ website on how to fundraise (how to promote your event, how to create a promotional webpage or print useful documents like sponsorship forms etc.). RSPCA Choices is the charity’s new approach to funding, allowing people to select from several suggested projects one that they would most like to support. For instance, you might click on their site and decide that you want to support a project that helps cats: you could choose the project called ‘Rehome a Cat’ and work towards raising some money towards the target amount set. Each project has a target figure but each person who contributes towards that target will be kept regularly informed of how their money has helped.
But if you feel that you do not have spare money to donate, or worry that you lack the confidence to organise a fundraising event, perhaps you could think of other ways to help the RSPCA. They are always keen to welcome people who can spare some time to volunteer at their shelters, in their offices or at their shops. Plus there are practical things that you can do to help animals that are being cared for in shelters: if you are a knitter, perhaps you could knit some blankets for the animals, or could you perhaps donate any old blankets or towels ?
You can also help animals through the RSPCA by calling them to report any abuse or neglect that you know about or suspect. Their Inspectors are there to investigate concerns about cruelty and the charity has the authority to take owners to court. You can call anonymously if you have any concerns about giving your details. The Inspectors know how difficult it can sometimes be to report abuse, especially as the Inspectors themselves often face abuse and even violence by animal owners. Indeed the RSPCA Choices’ winter campaign is called ‘Everyday Heroes’ to reflect the difficult and often thankless jobs that their Inspectors have, and the fact that Inspectors make a huge difference to the lives of animals in the UK. If you would like to support those Everyday Heroes then you can select the Sponsor an Inspector project from those listed on the RSPCA Choices site.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wicklow Pound petition

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I've been always reading the update from "Chance" facebook webpage during the last few months.
What I understood is that the dogs in Wicklow Pound have a very difficult life and high rates to be put to sleep.  In 2010 the rate of dogs killed was 44%.
The association was formed in 2012 by volunteers that wanted to enter the pound to take photos of the dogs and create a profile to help rehoming them.
They have been denied it and can access only the "public gallery".
There are layers of wire that divide the dogs from the public in the gallery and the chance volunteers are going twice a week to take photos, with no collaboration from the warden.

You can learn more from this youtube video:

Facebook page:


There is an important petition at the moment that could give an opportunity to the dogs entering the pound.
Please sign it and share!!!

Wicklow County Council and the ISPCA: Provide improved public records, accountability and service at Wicklow Pound 

All dogs entering the pound should be photograhed and given the opportunity to be reunited with their owners, rehomed or offered rescue help. Currently only dogs deemed fit for rehoming by the wardens are allowed to be photographed and dogs are regularly withheld from volunteer’s sight at Wicklow Pound. There should be no hidden dogs.
Stray and surrender information is information in the public domain and can help reunite a dog with an owner (specific areas can be targeted via social media and poster campaigns) and in the case of surrenders ensure that a dog appears on our page as an urgent case. This is vital to saving lives and positive outcomes for the dogs.
Confirmation of availability date is also vital to ensuring a dog is effectively promoted and profiled for rehoming.
Currently opening hours are not conducive to reclamation and rehoming and there is no service to leave a message when you telephone as recommended during opening hours.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another dog lost!

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Again I found a dog lost!
People start making fun of me, telling I am stealing dogs or I have a magnet that attracts dog lost.
To be honest I see that in those situation I am the only one "doing something".

The first time I found a dog, the wee small was crossing the road at a traffic light in a dangerous situation and was shaking scared. People watching and laughing. I stopped the car and took her and after 24 hours he has been reunited with the owner.

The second time coming back from a park another small dog was running literally in the middle of a road.
Cars were slowing down, no people walking and nobody stopping.
I stopped the car again and run after the dog and been able to catch him after 10 minutes.
Again after 24 hours dog reunited with his owner that was looking for him!

Few days ago I was in Tesco in Dublin 11 when a big labrador came in and started wandering around all happy in the fruit sector.
People laughing and security just pushed him out.
He went into other two shops and same thing.
Outside the shopping center he started to jump wagging his tail inside customers' cars.

Again I took the dog with me, thanks to few treats I just bought for my dogs, and ran to a vet.
He was microchipped but not registered and had a tag.

A big happy dog, but not easy for me to manage as I have two dogs at home.
Anyway we spent a nice crazy afternoon all together and thanks to facebook again I found the owner after just few hours.

I don't think I am special, but please, microchip and put a tag on your dog collar, everything would be easier!!

See my previous article for some tips.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Working from home - knee injury

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It's long time that I am not writing on the blog.. but unfortunately I had a knee injury, so crutches and no new walks for us :( :(

But I am working from home and I want to introduce you my new work colleagues